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Allconnect in Action:

Demand Response Programs


One of the biggest challenges utilities face with demand response programs is how to educate consumers about what “demand response” means—and then create value to drive enrollments. After all, having your utility control your air conditioner on a hot day may sound confusing and unappealing to some consumers.


A large utility developed a program to reduce energy demand during peak times in specific zip codes in one Western state. To participate, customers agree to have a switch attached to their air conditioning unit which allows the utility to cycle the unit on and off, generally at 15 to 20-minute intervals, for a few hours on the hottest days of the summer. The fan stays on and cycles the already-cooled air throughout the home when the unit is off.


In order to increase awareness about and participation in this program, the utility turned to longtime partner Allconnect in 2011 for help.


One of the best times to talk to consumers about home-related decisions is during the move-in process—which is why the addition of the demand response program to the existing customer experience through the utility’s move advisor program with Allconnect provided the ideal opportunity for cost-effective customer acquisition.


Through smart customer targeting and segmentation and a pay-for-performance model, Allconnect has driven costs down for the utility and significantly optimized performance and conversion for the program by:

  • Geo-targeted serviceability to identify the right regions and households eligible for the program—which can also be leveraged to expand the number of zip codes targeted during critical need periods for the utility, a practice which has at times doubled enrollments.
  • Educating them in plain English about what demand response actually is.
  • Explaining the benefits and savings they’ll gain by adopting the program.


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